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listen, eric ericson's statement. way too early. what time sit. >> stick around right fou for the daily run down with mr. chuck todd. herman cain scheduled a press conference today after a chicago woman came to accuse him of inappropriate sexual advances. this morning we're hearing there could be a fifth accuser. headlines for cain, gingrich and perry. sobering news for the white house as well. with all this washington dissatisfaction are we seeing the ground being laid for a pop lus third party. was there a heated exchange between president obama and sarkozy. it is super tuesday.
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a super tuesdayly run down november 8th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. all of msnbc will be focusing on politics and the election today and those one year away. when you hear the music then you get the goosebumps. let me get to my first news in the morning. for the first time herman cain's accuser has a name and a face, at least one of the accusers. this afternoon more than 24 hours after chicago woman came forward to accuse cain of unwanted sexual advances in 1997, he will address those charges in a press conference in scottsdale arizona. does he give the impression he's trying to get his story straight. last night rather than address the charges formerly he joked about them on late night television. >> we had a little surprise to show up on tv. >> did you watch that? >> we watched it because we
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didn't even know that this whole thing about woman number four was going to come out so that was a surprise. at least it wasn't one of the many that have the first name anonymous. there is not an ounce of truth if all of these accusations and my team is putting this stuff together. that's why i'm willing to do a press conference tomorrow to set the record straight. >> by theway, the gloria allred press conference was the friar's club. the first time we hear from cain was on a comedy show. cain tried to explain his refusal to talk to the press on saturday. >> when i made the statement that i'm done talking about this, i was talking about the last week fire storm. not this week. >> if there are others will you talk about them. >> here is one thing people don't know about herman cain. i'm in it to win it.
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>> the victim says she met cain that night for help finding a new job and then gave a graphic account of that meeting. >> he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said what are you doing you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said you want a job, right? >> well, the cain campaign sent a release discrediting her, attacking celebrity defense attorney and saying his of points have now convinced a woman with a long history of severe financial difficulties to falsely accuse the republican front runner. some conservatives and
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especially conservative women are in the convinced. penny nanca says while seeing gloria allred insert herself into another national can dal was disturbing listening to sharon was shocking. we still believe that. we'll see if cain can handle this one. at first the anonymous allegations aloud his supporters and those in the conservative movement who loved to question the, quote, main stream media to deflect the allegations and attack the media. now it is a full fledged he said, she said. herman cain's press conference is at 5:00 p.m. eastern. herman cain isn't the republican whose candidacy is in trouble. in our poll the candidate whose numbers have slid by nearly double digits in the last month is rick perry.
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romney leads the overall republican field for the first time in four months with 28%. that's obviously within the margin of error there. the candidate that lost the most support in the last month was rick perry. he is now tied with ron paul for fourth. more importantly of the three main candidates, mitt romney, herman cain, rick perry, it is rick perry with the highest unfavorable rating among republicans. in two-way matchups, romney and cain are dead even. romney leads perry by some 25 popes. you never want to say any candidacy is done but rick perry is in serious trouble. the president still leads all of his potential republican challengers including romney by six and herman cain by 15 points. romney who gets help on the
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trail tomorrow for the first time since kristi endorsed him a month ago he rolled out a new line in iowa yesterday about the election one year from today. >> about a year from now you're going to wake up and see two things on tv. one will say president obama has been re-elected. we could turn on our tv and the tv says mitt is it. >> look at that. talking in third person. >> the vision to restart the economy president obama has been unable to win any new supporters. his approval rating has remained mediocre with 44% and a slight majority disapproving. 57% disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. as the president gears up for
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re-election bed we asked on whether he has lived up to or fallen short of people's expectations on the iraq war and improving race relations. do most voters believe the president has lived up to expectation. he received a fallen short grade on everything else from the war in afghan to the environment. signature issue of health care and a big one here that i think is going to be tough for him to deal with. changing the way washington works. while the feeding frenzy surrounding cain is the shore term dominant story, the larger concern is the state of the country. asked to describe in one word or phrase where they believe things stand in america the response is highly negative. look at this computer generated word cloud. the size of the word reflects the number of common responses. disapointing. wrong direction. downhill mentioned far more often than words like dpood shape or a very familiar word
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hope or hopeful. it is in context of this negative feeling about where the country stands that each side will make their election arguments in the next year. here in a republican video a campaign than they both have, we don't have those videos yet today. so i promise you both sides with that sort of negative p pessimistic. mark murray is nbc's deputy political director. how are you, sir. >> mr. todd, how are you. >> all right. there are three elections. none of them we all know, surprisingly a democrat is going to easily win in kentucky. a republican will succeed in
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mississippi. there are some big stories to follow. >> yeah. in ohio. there is an issue two on than ae anti-leks. that has democrats and organized labor fired up. they feel they might be able to turn that over and repeal it. all polling suggest they might. this of course has beg stakes for 2012 just because of ohio. it is a battleground state. can democrats be more motivated. >> labor has spent a ton of money here. we do know business groups have as well. labor winning here could motivate them to say we need to do everything they can for the president. all right. social issues vice president popped up much in the last one. there is economic downturns, usually we done talk about it. but there is something unique in mississippi that is making pro
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life republicans squirm. >> a fertilized egg they are calling it a person. it has created where it out laws all types of abortion. this is becoming very controversial. mississippi is a very conservative state so if it ends up passing you would know why. >> barber came on this show and he said he's been very careful about where he is on this but he brought up the concern thinvitr fertilization, something that many couples use, somehow this would complicate their ability to have access. >> right. there are huge constitutional concerns. you bet it is going to go to the supreme court if it passes in mississippi. >> republicans want to win more
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control of some state senates. the big one might be here in the swing staet of virginia but also a special election in iowa. >> virginia is a big one because everybody is on the ballot and there are some key swing districts. one in northern virginia. republicans feel like they might be able to take that state senate back. it could give us a kwlu about the nation's mood in this very important battleground state. there is also a special election going on for the state senate in iowa. another battleground. we're talking ohio, iowa and virginia tonight. >> all three elections i always like to throw in washington state because for some reason they just believe in governing by referendum which of course we know is what is probably taking down the entire state of california. tongue little bit in cheek there. more money has been spent on these than ever before. one issue that people want to make a lot of money off of.
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>> right. alcohol. >> booze. >> washington state has given us, if it is tuesday there is an election. washington state helps us tremendously in that category. >> was we do feeind, you see se tempts about taxes that percolate it. >> mark murray, going to be a business vi night. ly see you in michigan on wednesday. up next on this super tuesday edition of the daily run down we're digging deeper. the music makes you exciting doesn't it. one year from the president election. crunching the numbers next. plus, the fight for control of the u.s. senate. democrats areer very much on the defensive. it is a huge map. we're going to break it down in races to watch in 201. first, a look ahead at the president's scheduled to.
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going to philadelphia. another little bit of a jobs act/we can't wait event. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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time to dig into our new msnbc wall street journal poll with peter hart and republican michael roberts. welcome to you both. there is sort of one dominatings a spegt of this poll that is getting overshadowed and that is sort of the anxiety the country has about the government. two questions.
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one is the economic structure being out of balance. 76% agree on that. the second is this idea that there is too much government regulation. 53% agree on that. the obama vegs, more agreeable but both have majority. >> they do. tells you what's behind this election. awful lot of disappointment. an off lot of fear out there. for the public to sense that the 1% are doing well and the 99% are struggling is clearly the other vision of you have to get government under control. it is more partisan. it is more ideological but both ideas are out there. it is an electorate that is out there to change things. >> michael roberts what i want to also notice is they both have roots in the different populus
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movements. one in two people we surveyed said they identify with one of these two movements and you can connect them right back to that question. >> you can. also there is about a 40% overlap between the two people that agree. >> 40%? >> well, 38%. roughly 40. lot of frustration out there. both of those statements really get to that point. so it is injecting into the conversation for 2012 and right now a new dialog and something i think everybody will take account of. >> peter hart, sounds like the country wants william jennings, george wallace and ross perot and ron paul all wrapped up in one person. >> you have to understand, we've always been built on a sense of hope. bill clen tonight gainton gave
6:19 am
>> the optimistic version. it is going to be a lot of angst and a lot of furry to happen this year. >> news of the two major parties. micah, in this time where nobody seems to be doing well, the democratic party is seeing a little bit recovery while the republican party is not. >> if you look back to 2010 right before the 2010 election, you pretty much have the same numbers. you saw that election and how the results were. >> so what is it that's driving? why is it that there is anover all negative feeling. democratic party is recovering but you don't see it translating. >> i don't know if it will translate into an electoral win. it is not a good barometer of that. maybe it is a little bit counterintuitive for some.
6:20 am
it is how people are looking at the two different parties right now. four of the last four surveys we have found both parties in the negative. again, i think it feeds into everything that you have been talking about. >> something that might pop. we did start looking at obama and romney as sort of potential nominees, how they match up together. five characteristics if you will on four of the five peter hart. compassionate enough, knowledgeable and experienced, the p tops romney. >> two things here. one thing the president has is the american people like him. that works on a lot of the compassion and the sense of identification. problem is on the economy it is
6:21 am
not working. it's in the that they have turned to a 51% plan. for the president it is going to be as much as anything a referendum on where we're at. he has to prove that he's got a vision and it is going to make a difference. at this moment we're in the there. >> micah when running against incouple ben you're usually not going to win these questions. how close does a republican have to get? he has to close those gaps doesn't he? >> absolutely. we have a primary that hasn't start sod this is a verlly end cay tor. but going back to the economy question that we tested. you have not just a base of republican voters that are behind him on this. there are some really interesting groups and it puts together a road map for now barack obama could actually lose this election. you have 18 to 34-year-olds that think romney has better ideas on
6:22 am
the economy. college plus women. suburban women. those are groups that romney is not winning on the ballot against president obama. those are important to track. >> finally i want to close with this question. we tested a couple three ways. michael bloomberg and ron paul. paul popped at 18. the most spresing thing to me when you looked at the subgroups. the president has a solid 44%. doesn't lose a drop of african american support. you throw paul and it is obama on there and obama is losing. >> the fact is you can see it slices right through the republican party. it is not that you're rooting for a third party. what we're learning is that there is tremendous support out there for a third party telling us about how we feel about the system. as you said earlier, the one thing you can bet on we're going to see more than a two party
6:23 am
race. i agree with you there. >> peter hart and micah roberts, thank you both. a lot more we're going to get into. finally, is europe finally stepping back from the brink of a financial melt down? we'll get a check on how italy is reacting. and more on berlusconi. also, the candidate wbs the campaign and of course the controversy. today's first trivia question. president bill clinton was succeeded by the son of the man he defeated and captured the white house. what other u.s. president was succeeded by the son of the man he defeated in running for office. the first correct answer will get a follow tuesday from us. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rundown." ♪
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today's markets, aparentally it is election day. cnbc's brian schactman is there now in italy. >> pretty fascinating, chuck. i'll start with italy. if it doesn't go the way berlusconi wants it supposedly that might lead to more pressure for him to resign. a key ally is calling for berlusconi to resign. in greece, we're supposed to hear there is a new prime minister. the talk is that lucas papandemus is a front runner. he was a vice chairman. now he seems to be back in the front burner for the new prime minister position.
6:28 am
all of this leads to stock features which are positive. looking to be positive across the board. one or two of these headlines and things will shift. i will leave you with an interesting credit card stat. americans are spending less on credit cards but more on cars and schools which are kind of dangerous big ticket items to put on your credit card. >> yes, they are. brian scactman, thank you my friend. "the daily rundown" will be back in 30 seconds.
6:29 am
president obama visits pennsylvania. he discussed education. herman cain will address the sexual harassment allegations, the newest one in a press conference in scottcottsdale, arizona. comes a day after one of cain's accusers spoke publicly for the first time. the opening bell is about to ring on wall veet. progress increase set european markets higher and dow futures follow. now attention turns to italy and the support of prime minister berlusconi. other stories. as we reported over a month ago the responsibilities have changed in the senior staff of the white house. officials say the wall street journal report describing the shift is a bit overstated. obama adviser took an expanded
6:30 am
operational role in the west wing about six weeks ago. today's report that they are turning over all day-to-day operations is inaccurate. this is about having somebody have better relations with the congressional aspect of the job. former chief of staff, it is thought of he would have a better relationship with harry reid. the guardian newspaper is reporting that some french journalist at the g-20 summit overheard a private conversation where sarkozy told president obama he could not stand prime minister. president obama reportedly responded you're fed up with him. i have to deal with him everyday. the white house is not commenting on that. the u.s. press pool aparply was not handed these translaters. didn't have access to this mic.
6:31 am
there is a new measure to the bloodshed in syria where the u.n. says at least 3,500 have been killed since the government's crack down. right new they are laying siege to the government's third largest city. on this super tuesday as american go to the polls, voters in seven states will be asked to present a photo i.d. before casting their vote. by the time the 2012 election rolls arp several more states koumd join the list. krit eks say it is voter suppression. we have our man, nbc justice correspondence pete williams to take a look at what's going on here and who's overstating their argument. >> okay, chuck. good morning. from the supreme court where three years ago the court said that it was all right to impose
6:32 am
the requirement. they say doing so it did not unconstitutionally restrict the right to vote. now more states are doing what mississippi is trying to decide they want to follow. the push of voter i.d. laws came after the 2000 bush/gore debacle in indiana. the first state to require that registered voters show government issued photo identification like a driver's license to cast a ballot. voters without one could still be counted but only if they produce a photo i.d. within a few days. since the u.s. supreme court upheld the law a few years ago the idea has spread and six other states have passed the strict similar requirement. kansas, texas, wisconsin, tennessee, georgia and south carolina. now voters in mississippi are deciding whether to amend their constitution. the idea has strong support
6:33 am
among republicans. >> we want to make sure that when you show up to vote you're voting one time and you're voting for yourself and not for somebody or a deceased relative or somebody that can't make it to the polling place that day. >> several other states have chosen to ask for i.d.s. more may be joining the list. photo i.d. bills were introduced this year in 34 state legislatures. opponents say some minority, poor and elderly voters do not have i.d.s. they say it is nothing more than an effort to discourage democrats from voting. >> we know there are millions who are eligible who don't have these specific kinds of i.d. we shouldn't let that have a very real impact on these real voters. >> even if mississippi sproeters approve this today it won't go into effect immediately.
6:34 am
mississippi is one of those states they have to get clearance. the earliest the sponsors believe this will go into effect, chuck if it is passed is the general election next year in 2012. >> pete williams, thank yous very much. we also know there is a llt of other voter law changes happening that might shrink early vote in some states. i know that both met crystal parties are trying to figure out what that means for the 2012. looking ahead. democrats trying to hold onto their majority. of the 33 seats up for grabs 21 are controlled by democrats. that means it is just four seats that if they switch from blue to red republicans gain control of the senate. that's assuming they dope lose any. kelly, the senate map. everyday it gets bigger. today democrats actually found a
6:35 am
competitive candidate in north dakota. from hawaii to north dakota. >> there is excitement on both sides. democrats certainly are on the defense but they have a good story to tell and republicans can taste it, especially when you have some states where you have incumbents who are retiring. in some cases vulnerabilities because of where we're talking about. i have been watching the public statements and certainly the votes of four democrats in key states you know they are worried. that would be john tester in montana. sherry brown in ohio. >> mr. nelson of course. >> and mr. nelson from nebraska. >> this is the 2000 and 2006 class. both were democrats did surprisingly better than anybody thought. in '06 they won the majority in these tough states. those are the trouble incumbents.
6:36 am
walk me through the big three. >> in terms of open seats they are concerned about what could happen in north dakota, wisconsin and new mexico. you have two big retirements. three, actually. long time members. so, when you look at the changing demographics in new mexico. >> democrats do feel good don't they? >> yes. we saw one of the great liberals of the senate defeated by a republican. and north dakota it's always been a tough game there. conrad, part of the reason he did not bapt to seek re-election is he did not feel it was a good match. >> wisconsin fascinates me because it is going to be a presidential battleground. neither side got their a candidate. feels like it is going to be a coin flip. >> virginia, very quickly. this might be the marquee race that isn't in the state of massachusetts. >> you have a democrat leaving, jim webb.
6:37 am
you have a democrat who had been governor, tim cane trying to come back. >> former governor. >> yes. it is a battle there. there are democrats who say they really believe they can protect that seat. others who say george allen is fighting it out and that the environment might be in his favor. >> another one where the presidential race might end up deciding who wins that race. >> are you talking massachusetts. >> there are two republican seats that democrats told us six months they would put in play. we said yeah right. it actually looks like they put it in play. >> one of the things we're looking at in terms of massachusetts is you have a very popular scott brown who is a republican in a state where republicans have sometimes held office but not senate. you have a well regarded, well known woman elizabeth lauren whop had a strong consumer support background. she has an identity there.
6:38 am
they think that is a doable race but scott brown is incredibly popular. that is going to be a very tight race to watch. >> does scott brown really want to run with mitt romney. that's the most fascinating thing to me. >> and then nevada, a heck of a democratic congressman who can raise money. >> shelley berkley is from las vegas. >> she is vegas. >> replacing john ansen hasn't made a big splash, hadn't hit the ground running. shelley berkley is a real, real tough politician. >> look, we haven't even brought up michigan. florida, bill nelson. never an easy task there. hawaii, open seated hawaii. that's the race you're trying to cover? >> yes. i put in dibs for that. >> in the way democrats think they are putting north dakota in play, republicans think they are
6:39 am
putting hawaii in play. >> the one tea party race left to watch might be inn en. >> yes. the most senior republican in all of the senate and he has really been challenged from the right. >> if the republicans get control, one of them becomes fourth in line to the presidency. i don't know what happens if they both win. kelly o' donnell, that was terrific. up next, our super tuesday political panel will be here with more on her man cain's growing problems. what we're watching on this election day. in a programming note. tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. cnbc will moderate a republican presidential debate that focuses on the economy. live from oakland university in michigan. can you think of a better place to find swing voters. first, the white house soup of the day.
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ditsuexrp wanmi sllfrar listen to the music. super tuesday flashback. this day in 1892 when grover cleveland became the only president ever to win nonconsecutive terms in the white house and somehow he get twos numbers. we're really on our 43rd president. somehow we decided to renumber the presidents because of this grover cleveland deal. check this out. >> he tried to pin it on others when he is making our problems
6:44 am
worse. a second obama term means making this permanent. we have to change course. the last video there, of course the obama campaign putting that out to try to fire their folks up. political analyst is a former communications director. white house correspondent. and covering the white house for the washington post. good to see you in person. hope you are enjoying mother hood. >> thank you. >> all right. one year out, the predicate setting for this election. our poll shows it is a dismal public. we always hear optimism is what
6:45 am
wins election. >> uh-huh. >> but it doesn't feel as if the american public is buying optimism right now. >> well, the american public doesn't have a lot to feel optimistic about, let's be honest. i think the dynamics will change when we have a republican nominee against president obama making his case. >> you think it will get somehow more optimistic? don't you think it becomes more pessimistic as it becomes this knock down drag out fight. >> we know who our guy is going to be on the democratic side. people have other issues they are paying attention to. so when we have the head to head that's when people really start to say this is what this guy wants to do. how would i feel about that. that's part of where you start to generate the enthusiasm for the candidate. the obama campaign strategy is
6:46 am
devised on multiple pathways. >> sure. art shapiro i was struck by listening to barber in there talking to me. he about to be succeeded by a republican. considering the chaotic nature of this republican race he is now the face of the republicans today. >> well, i think the republican field is still in so much turmoil. senior senator in the republican party said to me the other day being the leading alternative to mitt romney is leek being the third in command for al qaeda. you're not going to hold the position very long. >> always good to do the number three al qaeda joke. he also did it with mitt romney. >> this is a moment where newt gingrich, maybe even huntsman are wondering if this is their
6:47 am
time. >> watching this, it is so surreal. the friar's club. cain is on jimmy kimmel and you're going -- >> you can't make it up. >> it is like a bad -- at this point these would be rejected scripts would they not? >> exactly. that's one reason despite the dismal poll numbers the white house feels better. the 9-9-9 plan was a conversation for a week and a half or two and now we've been on these allegations much longer. for all the bad news that is in here for the president he's going to run against one of them. there is really bad news for all of them, romney included. >> i want to play a little bit of this back and forth now between cain. here we go.
6:48 am
all right. well, quite the day. super tuesday. doing different things. what was different about herman cain's response this time, karen is that it does feel as if for him he's trying to take a breath and make sure he has his story straight beforeing specifically about the allegation. >> given this he knew ten days before the first story came out and probably a year ago that these stories would come out, the fact that he's still trying to get his stories straight does not bode well. you have seen comments from some anonymous saying that is a little bit disconcerting. regardless of how you feel about the charges, the lack of sophistication and organization in the campaign team, what that says for people is not the kind of confidence that you want when you are supposedly the front runner. >> ari, you eluded to this issue. who is going to try to take his
6:49 am
spot. herman cain has raised a ton of money. there is this defiant part of his support base that feels that somehow that is some sort of elite trying to destroy him. >> right. there is going to be trying to dig deeper. the question is, is that part of the base big enough to carry ca states which i think romney is faring very well. he gave this speech on friday that few people paid attention to. >> death by the way, david brooks loves you, means you're not conservative enough, right? >> new hampshire, romney is still plugging along and kind of flying slow and steady while everybody else is popping up and flying out. >> do they actually have to start going directly to cain. >> i would imagine so.
6:50 am
obviously we have a number of debates in the future. i think he has prominent supporters out in the states. b. florida -- >> not as well organized but more organized than we think it is. karen, ari, stick around. trivia. a heck of a stumping. we asked, president bill clinton was succeeded by the son of a man he defeated in running for office. the answer, it's ronald reagan. in 1966 ronald reagan defeated pat brown to become governor of california. 45 years ago today, in fact. reagan bass later succeeded ins that office by jerry brown. a hat tip to my man steve weisman at the peterson institute for that one. we'll be right back. you're watching t"the daily rundown" only on msnbc.
6:51 am
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let's bring back the panel. all right. you know another thing happening this week. bill clinton's making the rou s rounds. he put out a book that i don't think you can describe it as any other way than back seat driving the current administration. just, what part of it doesn't feel like back seat driving, karen fin ji befoney? before you answer that, lessee how he answered that on the "today" show. >> i made a mistake as it turns out on the debt ceiling, because i didn't think it was subject to the filibuster. turns out the white house told me they did try to raise the debt ceiling and senator mcconnell said he wouldn't do it unless they caved to all their demands, but on the other thing i also pointed out we made the same mistake when pie was president in 1994.
6:55 am
we didn't run a national campaign. so the tea party line basically was the only thing people heard. >> you know, i -- >> should he be back seat driving? it's not helping the president. >> i think this town goes to that automatic conflict back seat driving. if you live to what clinton is saying and read what he's saying he actually has a lot of -- for obama. >> points he tried make. >> giving obama some air cove. there are parts of the democratic party in the base so frustrated with obama. maybe we won't vote for him. i've heard bill clinton including reunion weekend, get behind this guy. stop this crap. hear the things he's doing that's right. hear the things i did that people said would be down and out. i don't think he's back seat driving>> it does feel like, though, if there's frustration in him he wishes obama had his populist skill. bill clinton may not have been
6:56 am
ideologically a populist but he knew to you to channel pow pew lifts. >> right. but i couldn't help reading the book he was itching for a third term. make no mistake. people at white house see this as helpful in quotation marks. it's not populist. >> i don't nope 3 know if the white house is excited about this. >> it doesn't hurt them saying, hey, guys, here's what i think. >> only one person, quote/unquote, manages clinton at the white house. gene sperling. maybe they should -- >> playing my song. start with you. >> the "the washington post" ha nice blog posting about bill clinton. >> in new york, amazing performer laid reso is back after a hiatus at joe's pub. go see her. >> new york cabaret. karen, top that? >> tomorrow night. flax for flax, doing a
6:57 am
fund-raiser, a whole bunch of us. >> yes. >> trying to help get supplies to our fellow flax over in iraq. >> that's it for the super edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next on msnbc, coverage continues with my friend chris jansing. bye-bye. who wants some holiday tunage? ew, i do! ew, i do! let's see what they pull up here. oh, this is a good one. ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪
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